Drought Contingency

Because Potosi Water Supply purchases their water from Abilene, at a minimum we must follow their watering restrictions.  PWSC CAN extend those restrictions if necessary.  Below are the current restrictions that are being enforced.  These are based on the last digit of your property address.  (Please note there are NO EXCEPTIONS to these restrictions.)


ODD NUMBER ADDRESSES - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

EVEN NUMBER ADDRESSES - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Watering is allowed Midnight to 10am and 6 pm to midnight on your designated day. 

Handheld hoses, buckets or drip systems may be used to water shrubs, trees, flowerbeds and gardens at any time.  Handheld hoses may be used to water lawns at any time.  A drip irrigation system may be used to irrigate lawns ONLY during designated times on designated days.

A yard that has been installed for 2 weeks or more MUST follow these rules. 

As a rule of thumb, if it is published in the paper, news, internet, etc. that Abilene changed restricitons then PWSC changed as well.